Search for your Victory in the Word


Our mission is to glorify God by equipping saints for the ministry, through teaching the Word, to enhance the Body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:11)


Our vision is to glorify God by: conducting a Para-church Ministry in accordance with the Word of God, our Doctrinal Statement, and this Constitution, promoting Christian Education, Accountability, and Righteous Living in an effort to edifying the Body of Christ, seeking to win the lost to Christ through Personal Witness and the sharing of the Gospel, and maintaining a good witness for Christ in our community through good works.

A FREE Christian Education
Training Recourse

Our aim is to Promote Biblical Literacy within the "Body of Christ" by Biblically preparing Church leadership and partnering with them to Biblically training their Membership.

Search for your "Victory in the Word"

One stop shopping for you Christian Education needs.

A Sampling of CE Trainings:

  • Biblical Theology
  • Child Abuse: Recognition, Intervention, & Prevention
  • Christian Counseling
  • Christian Education
  • Church Administration
  • Discipleship
  • Employee / Independent Contractor
  • Evangelism / Missions / Outreach
  • Hermeneutics: Biblical Interpretation
  • IRS Compliance
  • Leadership Training
  • Minister Trainings
  • Organizational Development
  • Systematic Theology
  • Teacher’s Training
  • Worship
  • Customized Trainings for your Individual Needs.

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Upcoming Events

Second Lakeview BC

Join us on Sundays for Elijah Span's speaking engagements at Second Lakeview BC.

Straightway Bible Fellowship

Join us on Sundays at Straightway Bible Fellowship for Michael Crawford's speaking engagements.

Philemon MBC

Join us on the 4th Sunday in March for Shay Taylor's speaking engagement at Philemon MBC.

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